Welcome to our Global Landscape and Garden Design Service
We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve the very best for your outdoor world. Our service provides you with 3 Options to suit your Garden and Design needs. Also a world class diagnostic service to help you maintain the health of your plants.
Design Options:- (for more details on each option, click on a heading, or menu link above)
Option 1 - The Planting Plan Service
Do you have a specific area in your garden that needs a makeover, a design, a new planting scheme? Are you having problems deciding what plants to put where and what types of plants to use, what are suitable? Our creative ideas, knowledge and experience can help you by using this simple method the Planting Plan
Option 2 - The Garden Design Service (Whole Garden)
Have you recently built a house or renovating an old property and would like design ideas for a complete new garden? Let us enhance your property by building you your dream garden.
Option 3 - The Landscape Design & Construction Service (for Business Clients)
Would you like a professional Landscaper to design your landscape project? This option is for large building projects such as commercial buildings, new businesses or even large villas etc. With this service we can provide you with two options; Landscape Design option or Landscape Design and Construction option (i.e. A complete project managed option).
Plant and Garden Doctor Diagnostic Service
Sometimes there may be times when there are issues with sick or unhappy plants in your garden. Now you can get the help you need with our Qualified and Specialist Plant Doctor.
Fore more details about this service click the heading above, or visit the Plant and Garden Doctor website at
About the Landscape and Garden Design Service
UK born Lucy has spent over the last 15 years in horticulture and has a degree and Masters in horticulture. She became a Landscape Designer many years ago and Landscape Design became her passion which she has now progressed to build an International Landscape Design business.
As a qualified UK Landscape Designer she has had Professional Garden Architect training from the top UK Universities and now with her many years creating a growing International Landscape Design business overseas she prides herself and her business as being the No. 1 Landscape Designer to give you first class knowledge of designing and constructing your very own outdoor architectural landscape design masterpiece!
How Lucy can help you! The study of plants has been very important and has been built up over many years of working in horticulture for Lucy. To understand and assess how different plants grow in different countries takes a lot of time and patients. A plants growing habit will be affected by all different climatic conditions and in order to understand and to know how each plant performs in each country it is important to know each plants growing habit. Long and thorough research into plant species and their growing habit has become a long term vocation for Lucy. She will assess your climatic conditions of your country and provide you with the correct plants, of course taking into consideration your plant preferences, if any. You will be given the best professional help for a planting design full of creative ideas for your garden project for enjoyment year after year.
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